Golf courses across the North West forced to close after owner company go into liquidation

Insolvency Practitioners

Eight golf courses in the North West of England have been forced to close down due to their parent company announcing it had gone into voluntary liquidation. Mack Trading, which runs Mack Golf made an announcement that it had gone into voluntary liquidation. For a firm in the North West, it would be suitable for the company to seek insolvency practitioners Manchester experts.

The firm involved with insolvency practitioners Manchester specialists was in charge of council-owned courses left local councils looking for greener pastures for the future of the courses. One of the golf courses affected Southwood GC took to social media to announce the news to its customers.

In the post made on Twitter, the company explained that the golf companies have stopped operating and are now in the process of Creditors Voluntary Liquidation. The post also made it clear that an officer among the insolvency practitioners Manchester experts has already begun the process. As per the Twitter post, all the company’s debts will now be assessed in order of priority by the insolvency practitioner.

The decision to either pay or discharge the debts will be determined throughout this CVA process. Some of the English courses affected are:

Bowring Park Golf Course, Huyton
Ellesmere Port Golf Course, Bury
Knights Garage Golf Course, Winsford
Moors Valley Golf Course, Carlisle
Southwood Golf Course, Farnborough
Stanley Park Golf Course, Blackpool.

A golf course in Limerick, Ireland, Rathbane has also been closed. Knowsley Council says it is meeting staff members at Bowring Park and is currently looking for options to maintain the golf provision on site. Nevertheless, they say the course will be closed in the short term while it works out a solution.

Councillor Shelley Powell, Knowsley Council’s cabinet member for communities and neighbourhoods says they are disappointed at the news that Mack Golf had ceased trading saying they have worked hard to support the company to provide golfing facilities. Bowring Park Golf Course was rescued by Knowsley Council and has already reopened.

Talks with the former staff together with their representatives from the GMB union followed. All the five workers will be re-employed in the meantime as the council looks for a permanent operator at the golf course. In a statement, the Manchester City Council released said they will identify a long-term operator while examining all possible options to keep the course open to golfers in short term.

The council is now issuing a tender for a permanent operator for the course and plans to find one by March. Meanwhile, business will go on for staff and golfers. Powell is confident they will attract a high-quality operator for the course and get a hefty interest in running it considering the £2m investment currently going into Bowring Park should make it a really attractive proposition for the right operator.