Growing law firm selects innovative business software


Since the turn of the 21st century, technology has developed in leaps and bounds, and has come to occupy a fundamental place in every facet of human endeavor. The impact of technology in fields of agriculture, health and transportation cannot be over emphasized as the massive improvement are evident.

In order to take advantage of this technological growth spurt, a law firm known as Trethowans has decided to leverage on Information Technology to improve on the storage of and use of client and case data

Trethowans nurses the ambition of investing heavily on its Information Technology infrastructure to make its vision a reality. The firm has already taken positive steps to achieve its set target by entering into an important agreement with innovative software company, Linetime. This move will give the firm’s employees an unlimited access to the groundbreaking Liberate software suite. They weighed up the business budget software cost and saw it to be worthwhile.

Linetime was chosen over other reputable software development companies because of it’s expanding but closely knit community of liberate users. This was properly elucidated by Linetime’s development director Phil Snee, who said, “ Linetime welcomes Trethowans into the expanding community of Liberate users.” He further noted that, “This is a powerful endorsement of the value of a single, combined solution.” Trethowans also opted for Linetime because of their trail blazing innovations, stellar reputation and business friendly softwares.

Trethowans finance director, Andy Duckworth while reiterating the values of the firm said, “We take great pride in providing high quality services to all our clients, whether they be individuals or large corporate businesses. This latest project is about ensuring we have the very beat IT infrastructure in place.” He continued, “We see this partnership with Linetime and the investment in Liberate as an essential part of continuing and improving our service delivery.

Trenthowans will use Linetime’s single database for accounts, case management and CRM. Also worthy of note is that links to the DocsCorp portfolio and SmartSearch AML checking will be included. In addition to all this, a sophisticated integration with iManage DMS is being actively developed.

It is has been observed that the investment in Linetime software, Liberate is not the only Information Technology investment by Trethowans. In order to carve explore new frontiers and blaze new trails in I.T over the next few years the Trethowans also partners with Whiteley-based Taylor Made Computer Solutions which has create a solid technological blue print for the firm.

As other sectors whole heartedly embrace rapidly changing technology, and harness it to suit their various needs, law firms are enjoined to follow suit in order to be efficient. The importance of technology in a law firm cannot be over emphasized as it is required for storing large volumes of client’s data, case management, effective communication, research, law reporting and managing tight schedules of employees in the firm.

These technological advances has already started reaping benefits for Trethowans as last year, they emerged the fastest growing firm in the U.K. The firms revenelue leaped from £13.3m in 2016 to £16.3m last year with a net profit up by a whooping 27.2 percent while the average revenue per lawyer soared by 12.9 percent. The prospects of the firm over the next couple of years looks really bright as they have bolstered up their I.T infrastructure with the agreement with Linetime to incorporate Liberate software suite in their operations.