Tips for Making Money as a Freelancer


Since the advent of the internet, working from home has become the new craze. Being able to craft a liveable income from the comfort of your home is like a dream come true. As such, the online working community has become saturated and the competition stiff.

In this article, you’ll learn tips for making money online as a freelancer.

Shift your money consciousness
First, you’ll need to decide your craft. Your craft is whatever service you’ll provide to people in return for their money. Afterwards, you’ll have to shift your mindset from “I can’t do it” to “I can”. That it’s possible to use your craft and skills to make money online.
It’s also important to have a vision. A vision is what you want for your freelancing business in the coming years. Build a business plan that’ll act as a basis for the growth and development of your online business..

Exercise patience and persistence
Most people who venture into freelancing don’t appreciate the value of starting small. It’s advisable to hold your day job or rack up some savings, as you establish the foundation for your online business. Some people tend to delve into freelancing without a plan only to find themselves at a dead-end.
Persistence is the virtue that’s responsible for all the successful businesses in the world. Without persistence, we wouldn’t have the ‘facebooks’ and ‘googles’ of this world. Create a vision for your work and work at it with persistence till its achievement.

Treat your freelancing work as a business
Seeing you freelancing work as a business encourages you to plan and develop a growth mindset for it. You should build a portfolio of your best works for your clients. To acquire the customers, you have to send out pitches regularly.
You’ll also have to learn other business-related tasks. Functions such as marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, invoicing, project management, among others. It’s also crucial to find ways to sift out scam artists. For instance, you could charge half the payment up front, and the remaining half after submitting the work. You could also learn to craft contracts.

Strive to over-deliver
Clients adore doing business with pros who love their craft. Be organized, have a calendar with deadlines, see out those time limits, focus on one task at any moment. These habits ensure that your clients receive the best work from you.
To keep customers long term, it’s prudent to grow a practice of providing more value to your work than the payment received. This habit also ensures that you can ask for higher wages without fear of losing the clients.

Seek always to improve
Regular training in your craft and other complementary skills helps fight the stale in our work. It’s also wise to have mentors from whom you can seek business advice. However, you should seek mentors who have proven to be exceptional in their craft.

As you strive to improve your skills, you should demand your worth as well. As your business acumen rises, it’s only logical that your remuneration should as well.
All in all, having a vision, possessing persistence, and having faith in your ability and skills are the most important virtues in your freelancing business.