What can an HR consultant do during a work crisis?

Even though HR has had tough times proving its position, many businesses have never involved it in decision-making, operations or business data. What these organisations don’t understand is that HR plays a very important and most intimidating task in any workplace- managing people.

Bad times come and one way of the best way of making sure an organisation survives any storm is to have people under control. This is the job of HR and they play a crucial role during the crisis.

Below are the roles of HR who during a bad time in a business, they act as a crisis management consultant. 

Adjusting Employment

Some crisis may make a company want to do away with some employees. Instead, HR will assist in the employment adjusting by helping you know the employees whose working conditions can change. The department can create policies of flexible working like from home, fewer working hours, redeployment, temporary layoffs and other strategies.

Concession Bargaining 

Concession bargaining may be necessary when a company is at the brink of bankruptcy. By doing this HR will help your company to prioritise employment over wage rates. This is necessary to maintain jobs through a kind of union ‘give back’ to the business. Unions good at the strategy of saving jobs and preventing layoffs through agreeing to wage freezing and reduced benefits. No other sector of your organisation will do concession bargaining but HR.

Maintaining Transparency

For a number of reasons, it is important to have your employees know that you are in a crisis. Your HR should tell them to brace themselves., something that helps your company through the crisis. being transparent to employees and involving them in decision making is wise and necessary to get their engagement and commitment.

Generate Assessment Reports

Your company’s HR department should conduct an assessment of all employees. This is useful in distinguishing between employees who are willing and efficient against those unwilling and inefficient. Such an evaluation is necessary, especially when an organisation is facing troubled times. Any evaluation of the workforce conducted on an individual basis would be of great help to categorise employees and map out a solution to help a company back to its feet. You will even have an idea of employees who could be potential liabilities and who could be retained when things worsen.

Be Empathetic

Primarily HR is there in a company for the purpose of helping employees work better for their employer. It is the link between the two. So if you need to show any kind of treatment to your employees, it should be through HR. Use this department to show the same respect and attentiveness you gave then when recruiting them. A crisis management consultant can help you show caring and empathy at bad times.